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Owner - Mauricio Segura
In 1991 my father founded ERSE Enterprises. For the next 15 years it served as an electronic technician service company for Silicon Valley Apple Computer supply and repair shops.

Aside from running the administration side of ERSE, I also worked on my own as a medical interpreter. In 2003 I began my journalistic career and founded Golden Bay Magazine featuring sports, performing arts, and entertainment news. It was then that I began learning about web building, graphic design, marketing, and everything in between, as I ran the entire project alone.

By 2020, I had two online publications, Golden Bay Times (formerly Golden Bay Magazine), and the Sacramento Valley Times. I was also building small business websites, doing interpreting and translating jobs for domestic and international clients, as well as various other services to the point where it finally became obvious that I needed a parent company to run everything.

In honor of my father, I took on the name of his old business, ERSE (which are actually his initials), added the 21 (my high school and semi pro baseball jersey number), and now ERSE 21 Media Services and Productions is ready to rock & roll!

Thank you for considering my company to fulfill your service needs. I look forward to doing business with you and guarantee that I will do whatever it takes for you to be completely satisfied.
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Send all emails to [email protected]

Please indicate which department you want your email to be forwarded to:

1. General Inquiry
2. Interpreting Dept.
3. Translating Dept.
4. Website Design Dept.
5. Graphic Design Dept.
6. Photo Editing Dept.
7. Book Publishing Dept.
8. Book Sale Dept.

We will reply within 24 hours. Thank you!
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